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This is Poramin Sangpongpaew's personal home page. I made this place to be a showcase of all my previous works. In Porfolio section, you will find a lot of small applications written in C++, C#, and Flash Actionscript. I like programming. Making these apps improves my logics and reasoning, sharpens my skills, and most of all kills a lot of time.

Thanks for coming by. Feel free to leave a message in Guestbook section or contact me through Contact section.

About Hippogo149

Hippogo149 is my pseudonym. It is intentionally used for this vast internet world. There is no special meaning or reason behind to choose this name. It happened when I was a kid. I just needed an email account to play an online game. I thought of one name on a flash. Hippogo149 is composed of three parts that are just there, when I try to register. The first part is hippo which came from Hippo Swamp, one of Yahoo's Game Rooms. The second part is Go, the game I want to play. It is a Chinese board game. The last part is 149. It is the number of the age of the high school, I was attending. Putting them together, I get an unique fascinating name - hippogo149.